This reserve is protected by a Trust for Nature covenant.
The covenant is a legal agreement designed to permanently conserve and protect the land, plants, trees, grasses and wildlife.

Formerly a cattle farm, this 9.3-hectare reserve includes
grassy woodland, which is endangered in our region. It
contains one of the last large populations of Bellarine Yellow Gums. It also provides important habitat for wildlife, in particular the critically-endangered Swift Parrot, which is known to visit in winter to forage on eucalypt blossoms. The reserve is next to the Ocean Grove Nature Reserve, making it a significant area for nature conservation.

Please help us preserve nature on the reserve by doing the following:

DO                                          DON’T
Walk on paths Bring your dog
Follow signs Collect firewood
Appreciate nature Ride bicycles
Carry out your rubbish Dump rubbish or soil

We will carry out regular patrols of the area to answer
questions and check people are complying with these directions

Dogs are not allowed on this reserve. If you are looking for somewhere nearby to take your dog, why don’t you visit Shell Road Reserve, 52–60 Shell Road, Ocean Grove.

Thank you for helping us to protect this reserve. If
you’re looking for other ways to support nature in your
neighbourhood, why don’t you:
• plant a wildlife-friendly garden
• protect Bellarine Yellow Gums on your property
• join Ocean Grove Coast Care or the Geelong Field
Naturalists Club
• download our Nature Neighbours brochure from



View our dog walking map to find where you can walk your dog off leash.