Regional community park. Grassy slopes and shade trees in a natural amphitheatre overlooking Corio Bay draw visitors to the tranquility of St Helens Park. For more than 70 years, the park and its beach have been well known to locals as a place to swim, play and picnic.

Located in the midst of suburbia, more people are discovering the park is an ideal place to spend a few relaxing hours enjoying the bay view, a barbecue or picnic. St Helens Park also has plenty of grassed open space for children to run around and enjoy ball games. There's also a playground with a flying fox and other equipment in a fenced area beside the bay.

Before the advent of suburban swimming pools, St Helens was a favourite swimming spot and a shark-proof enclosure existed there for many years. After it fell into disrepair, a pier-like structure with platforms jutting into Corio Bay and ladders to help swimmers out of the water replaced it.

St Helens Park is also close to a major boat-launching ramp and temporary mooring facilities. There is extensive car and boat-trailer parking nearby on land reclaimed from the bay more than 30 years ago. The rock-filled shore along the edge of the car park protects the coast from erosion but also provides a popular platform for anglers chasing whiting, mullet, snapper and other bay fish.

There is also a short walking path that tracks the edge of the shoreline of the small launching harbour. Above, at the top of the cliff, the historic bluestone mansion, Osborne House, is perched in a prime spot overlooking Corio Bay.

St Helens Park has picnic tables, barbecues and toilets and is off Holden Avenue, St Helens. There is also access via steps from Cliff Street.

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