Moonah Park is a significant environmental park with impressive stands of Moonah trees. The scenic reserve offers plenty of shade as well as great views and walking tracks all whilst lying on the banks of the Barwon River. Moonah Park is perfect for a relaxing day out, basking in the ambiance of the wonderful scenery.

Moonah Park sits between the township of Barwon Heads and the southern bank of the Barwon River. 

The park takes its name from the Moonah Tree Melaleuca Lancelota and is part of a small network of reserves throughout the town and Village Park.

The distinctive Moonah tree is a dominant feature of this coastal woodland environment with mature trees often twisted into fascinating shapes. Depending on the landscape and coastal exposure Moonahs can form dense, low, shady thickets with herb, moss and grass understory, or they can be more open.

The ecological system is known as Coastal Alkaline Scrub, extending along the coastal fringe from Torquay to Altona Bay. 

In Barwon Heads the Moonah Park reserve is part of a network of small reserves throughout the township including parts of Village Park.

The once extensive Moonah Woodland is classified as endangered. The remaining woodlands are vulnerable to environmental weed invasion, foot traffic, and pressures of expanding coastal settlements. For these reasons coastal Moonah remnant woodlands, including individual trees and small clusters on private properties, are protected under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988.

The woodlands were once a rich ecosystem supporting many animals, including the Long-nosed Bandicoot, Southern Forest Bat, Black Wallaby and Southern Grass Skink however it is unclear how many mammals still inhabit these places. Many insects call these environments home along with a number of orchid flowers including Pink Fairies and Greenhoods. The Moonah's prolific white flowers in summer attract insects and birds such as wattlebirds and other honeyeaters. 

To look after Moonah woodlands it is vital to minimise trampling, unplanned tracks and to encourage revegetation. 

Tips when visiting

 Moonah Park is connected to walking paths with a number of bench seats and a picnic table. Enjoy the twisted old trees that may pre-date European settlement. Enjoy the views across the river to Lake Connewarre.

Car parking is available at River Parade (Melways reference 483 A10).

You can help protect these special places by remaining on the tracks at all times to prevent trampling, cleaning up after your dog and make sure they remain on a lead where required and disposing of litter in the nearest bin.

Please note: we will be undertaking our annual baiting program to reduce high rabbit numbers during the months of March and April 2022. Please refer to our rabbit control page for more information.

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