Buckley Park is a foreshore reserve stretching between Ocean Grove and Point Lonsdale. The beautiful natural landscape and impressive views attract locals and visitors.

The dunes and plants facing Bass Strait are shaped by the salt-laden winds. Coastal Spinifex and Knobby Club Rush hold and stabilise the shifting sands. Further back, among the more stable secondary dunes, the succulent Karkalla – also known as pigface – attracts attention with bright pink flowers. These more protected areas are also dominated by Moonah Woodland, with open patches of coastal grasslands.

There are more than 90 shell middens within the reserve indicating a long Aboriginal history.

Birdlife is prolific with Fairy Penguin, Short Tailed Shearwater Australasian Gannet, and a variety of Gulls, Terns, Petrels, Oystercatchers and other sea birds. The tiny threatened Hooded Plover nests on the open beach from September to March. Hooded Plover are a critically endangered species nationally and easily disturbed by people and dogs. Please take care during nesting times.

Seals use this stretch of coast to rest, and once a year to moult. Please give them plenty of space so they can recover quickly and get back to sea to feed.

Managing a sensitive coastline

Dune systems shift in response to wind and water – sometimes quite rapidly. Vegetation is vital in protecting the dunes from erosion.

We can help minimise damage by sticking to the formal walking tracks at 6W, 5W and 4W. Unplanned paths accelerate dune erosion and can lead to ‘blowouts’ where de-stabilised sand buries vegetation.

Weed control is a priority. Areas that have been cleared of weeds have shown exceptionally good regrowth and provide a diverse habitat. Weeds such Myrtle-leaf Milkwort (Polygala myrtifolia), or Bellarine Pea as it is locally known, is a particularly invasive species that threatens indigenous vegetation.

Tips when visiting

From Ocean Grove – car parking and access paths are at Collendina beach marker 6W.

Nearby at 7W is a car park, toilets, picnic area/tables, and beach access steps.

From Point Lonsdale – access path is at 4W via Fellows Road. Parking is limited.

  • Hooded Plover's nest in this area so please take care not to disturb them. Keep your dog on a lead and try to stay near the shoreline as best as possible.
  • Please stay on the access paths to protect the sensitive dune areas.
Caution: the beach is not patrolled - strong currents exist.

Please note: we will be undertaking our annual baiting program to reduce high rabbit numbers during the months of March and April 2023. Please refer to our rabbit control page for more information.

View our dog walking map to find where you can walk your dog off leash.