The Brisbane Ranges National Park is managed by Parks Victoria. For more information, contact 131 963 (within Australia only) or visit the Parks Victoria website.

Located west of Geelong, this 7,700-hectare park is Victoria's richest wildflower habitat and has the state's greatest density of koalas. Bushwalking is the best way to get close to the nature of the park and a number of established walking tracks make it easy. 

About this area

The Brisbane Ranges formed about a million years ago when a line of weakness, or fault, developed in the Earth's crust, uplifting the land lying to the west. Today, the park is covered by low mountain ranges that are dissected by rocky gullies.

What to look for

Koalas are abundant around Anakie Gorge and you may also see kangaroos, wallabies and possums. Additionally, over 170 bird species have been recorded in the area, including: 

For those interested in native plants, 619 species have been identified within the park, including a variety of rare plants.


Facilities at Anakie Gorge and Stony Creek include:

  • picnic grounds
  • tables
  • seats
  • toilets 
  • wood barbeques (BYO wood)
  • gas barbeques (available at Anakie Gorge only). 

View our dog walking map to find where you can walk your dog off leash.