Rippleside Park inclusive playspace

The City has partnered with the Touched by Olivia Foundation and the Victorian and Federal Governments to build a flagship new play area for children of all abilities to play together at Rippleside Park.
The Have Your Say engagement is now open.  View the plans and 3D images and provide your comments by 17th July 2022.

The playspace has been designed to be inclusive for kids of all ages and abilities. It will incorporate multi-sensory and nature play elements, with opportunities for physical, creative, social and passive play.

The project will design a regional-level playground and plan for associated infrastructure such as path connections and accessible toilets at Rippleside Park.

It will replace the much-loved existing playground, which was opened in 2001 and is now in need of replacement.

Playspace design

The playspace concept designs were based on accessibility and inclusive design principles and were informed by the engagement findings from the community and stakeholder consultation.  

Key elements of the playspace design include:

  • a unique timber structure with a  variety of climbing challenges, accessible swing bridge and high slides;
  • nature play area with loose surfaces, plants, trees, water and sand;
  • water play area with mist, spurts and accessible boat;
  • rocking, spinning and jumping zone including inclusive inground trampolines;
  • dedicated toddler play area;
  • sand play area with wheelchair-accessible table beneath a pergola;
  • a range of swings and flying foxes with back support;
  • sensory and artistic elements including sound, smell, touch and kinesthetic awareness;
  • gathering and picnic areas.


Next steps

The community can view and comment on 3D images of the proposed plans until 17th July 2022

This engagement is being run through our have your say page.

The plans will be finalised and the project will be ready to progress to the fundraising and construction phase after this final round of community engagement. 

Funding project partners

The City of Greater Geelong and the Victorian and Federal Governments have made major financial commitments to this project and we were also recent successful in obtaining a $110,000 grant through the Victorian State Government’s Changing Places Funding Round 2021. Providing a Changing Places facility will ensure the playspace is truly accessible to all of our residents and visitors

The funding will also be supported by the Touched By Olivia Foundation through a coordinated corporate fundraising campaign.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 28 June 2022