Kardinia Park - playing areas

In addition to Simonds Stadium, there are three key sports areas at Kardinia Park.

Kardinia Park Netball Complex

Redeveloped in 2011 with funding from State and Federal Governments, the Kardinia Park Netball Complex features nine courts in total.

Court 5 is a show court with retractable grandstands.

Kardinia West Oval

Home of local football in Geelong, Kardinia West Oval is currently used by the St Mary’s Football Club for local Geelong Football League competitions.

Geelong Cricket Ground

Located at the Northern end of Kardinia Park, the Geelong Cricket Ground (GCG) consistently ranks in the state's top cricket grounds. Tenants of GCG include Geelong Cricket Club and Geelong Football Umpires League.

Built to International specifications, the David Kelly Training Centre enables training on turf and hard wicket surfaces.

Page last updated: Friday, 19 November 2021