Plant and equipment storage on public land

We often receive requests from contractors for use of City of Greater Geelong owned or managed land.

More often than not these requests are for use of Public Purpose Recreation Zone (PPRZ) land.

It is recognised that contractors require storage sites and compounds for site huts and machinery. While the City does not encourage containers and general storage in public open space, at times there are no other viable options.

Contractors wishing to store plant and equipment on public reserves should adhere to the following process:

  1. The contractor contacts our Engineering Services Department and informs them of their proposed works and their requirements for these works.
  2. Our Engineering Services Department then makes a formal request to the Community and Recreation Department for approval for use of the nominated PPRZ land.
  3. The Community and Recreation Department will assess the request and if approved provide a formal response with conditions attached. The contractor at this stage will also be notified of the costs likely to be incurred for use of the PPRZ land.

PPRZ land cannot be used for storage of plant or equipment or any other related works without prior written consent.

Fees and charges

We will charge a fee for use of PPRZ land in order to maintain and, where necessary, make improvements.

The charge is based on $2.50 per square metre for the duration of the works (to a maximum of 2 weeks, above and beyond 2 weeks will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis).

A post works inspection will be carried out and if damage occurs on the nominated site and is not fixed by the contractor the City of Greater Geelong will repair the site at a cost to the contractor.


For further details and assistance please contact our Community and Recreation Department by phone on 03 5272 5272 or by email ([email protected]).

Page last updated: Tuesday, 21 July 2020