Parking fees - what are the principles or policy that applies?

Car parking across the Geelong CBD is provided by both public and private sectors. Governments are required to ensure they do not subsidise services which are also offered by the private sector.

Also, the City encourages parking turnover in the CBD to support local businesses. As a general principle, parking close to central Geelong is aimed at short term stays. The further parking is away from the CBD, fees generally decrease, and the length of stays increase.

The City also has a Fees and Charges Policy which amongst other principles requires consistent pricing for services.

In setting fees and charges Council is committed to:

  • Ensuring resources are used efficiently and effectively to finance the service delivery objectives outlined Our Clever and Creative Future and Council Plan 2018-2022.
  • Identifying the level of rate contribution provided to individual services to ensure transparency in decision making.
  • Ensuring Council’s long-term financial sustainability by considering user pays principles as part of determining the most appropriate way to fund services.

Page last updated: Thursday, 30 January 2020