Parking permits - Business

Permit parking is available to professional service businesses in Civic Centre, Busport, Wesley Car Park and Little Ryrie Off Street Car Park.

We offer a limited amount of permit parking for professional service businesses in selected car parks within Central Geelong.

Parking availability

We have limited parking spaces allocated for service businesses that have no or limited parking within their premises and who are required to enter and return throughout the day as part of their regular activity associated with their business needs.

This scheme is not intended to provide commuter parking and available spaces are limited.

Parking permit criteria

If your business meets our criteria you can apply for a car park permit (subject to availability) at either:

  • Civic Centre Car Park

  • Busport Car Park

  • Wesley Car Park or

  • Little Ryrie Off Street Car Park.

Business permit parking places are limited, applicants may be required to be placed on a waiting list.

Page last updated: Thursday, 4 November 2021