Parking permits - Disabled

The Victorian Disability Parking Permit Scheme is a state wide scheme, the responsible authority being VicRoads

It is our responsible to issue the permit, based on GP assessment using the eligibility criteria as outlined on the Vicroads website.

Disabled Parking Permits are available to people who meet specific criteria set by the Disabled Parking Persons Scheme. The schemes criteria only relates to a persons mobility in terms of walking and access and egress to vehicles.  A GP cannot recommended a permit for a condition that is not related to the eligibility criteria.

If you have a disability and require extra space to exit or enter your vehicle or require close proximity to certain places due to mobility problems you may be eligible for a disabled parking permit which allows you to park in a disabled parking bay.

There are approximately 200 parking bays allocated for disabled parking permit holders located throughout our municipality.

Disabled Parking Permits allow you to either park without fee in a disabled parking bay or for twice the signed time in a regular parking bay.

To apply for a permit you will need to fill in an application form and have your doctor or specialist fill in the medical section then return the completed application to us for processing.

Organisations based within the City of Greater Geelong that provide transport service for people with disabilities may also apply for Disabled Parking Permits.

Permit types

There are two types of disabled parking permits - green and blue:

  1. Blue Permit
    • Allows you to park in a disabled parking bay (some bays have a time limit)
    • You can also leave your car in a parking bay where there is no disabled parking sign for double the time specified on any signs - for example, if it's a 2 hour ticket parking you pay for 2 hours but get 4 hours.
  2. Green Permit
    • You are not permitted to park in a disabled parking bay but you can park for double the time in a normal parking bay and pay the appropriate fees.

Application forms

The two components of the disabled parking permit application form are:

Part 1

You or your agent will need to complete this section. The following information is required:

  • your name, contact details and date of birth
  • the type of label you require:
    • passenger only
    • driver (please supply driver's licence details).
  • your disability
  • the type of appliance you use as an aid.

You will need to sign and date this section of the application.

Part 2

Your doctor or medical practitioner must fill in this section. The following information is required:

Duration of disability, that is: permanent or temporary

  • type of aid you use
  • impact that the disability has in regard to walking
  • your safety in a public place without a caregiver
  • supporting information for the application.

Your doctor or medical practitioner will need to sign and date this section of the application.

Application fees

There is no charge or fee for obtaining a disabled parking permit. There is a charge of $17.40 to replace a lost permit. No charge for stolen permit if a Police Report is supplied.

Approving your application

Disabled Permit applications are approved in line with the necessary criteria set out by VicRoads. If approved, you will be issued a Disabled Parking Permit to display on your vehicle.

A disabled parking application can take up to 10 working days to be processed.

Permit renewals

Prior to your permit expiry date you will be sent a renewal notice.

If you have been assessed by your medical practitioner on your initial application that you have a permanent disability, you only need to advise us if you still require your permit on your renewal form.

If your medical practitioner indicated on your initial application that your medical condition is likely to improve, then you will need to have your permit renewal validated by your medical practitioner to confirm that you still require your permit.

Temporary permits and permits issued to organisations must be renewed yearly.

International visitors

We can issue an International Disabled Parking Permit on a temporary basis without an application form, but you must provide a medical certificate and present a travel ticket from your home country, your passport and your current disabled label from your home country.

When you are returning to your home country, you must personally return the temporary disabled permit to the City of Greater Geelong.

Page last updated: Thursday, 13 February 2020