Parking permits - Residential

We provide residential parking permits to residents who have a time restriction out the front of their properties.

Time restrictions

Time restrictions for residential parking can be due to your proximity to shopping or business districts or major sporting venues. As the city expands, the time restricted areas will continue to move out with it.

If you have a property with time limits out the front, you may be eligible to apply for up to two permits. There is a no fee for these permits.

We set requirements to ensure that the permit arrangements are fair and reasonable for all residents.

Conditions of operation

General conditions

  1. A maximum of two permits will be issued to a household.
  2. No fee will apply to residential permits.
  3. All parking permits are issued on a street and are valid in that specified street.
  4. Permit is valid only in your specified street. However, residential parking permits are not valid in:
    • paid parking bays
    • short term parking of 1 hour or less
    • shopping strips
    • off-street car parks or prohibited parking areas
      (that is: bus zones, no stopping etc. or other parking prohibitions as specified in the Road Rules Victoria)
  5. Permits issued to tenants are valid for up to one year with the expiry date 30 September and will be renewed annually
  6. Permits issued to property owners currently occupying the property are valid for up to two years with an expiry date of 30 September and will be renewed biannually.
  7. The issue of a permit does not guarantee that a parking space will be available in the designated street.
  8. Permits will not be issued to vehicles with a gross vehicle mass (GVM) of 4.5 tonnes or more and vehicles of 7.5 metres or longer.
    Heavy vehicle means a vehicle with a GVM of 4.5 tonnes or more
    Long vehicle means a vehicle that, together with any load or projection, is 7.5 metres long, or longer
  9. Permits are limited to currently registered motor vehicles with a gross vehicle mass of less than 3 tonnes and will not be valid for trucks, caravans or trailers.
  10. Permits will be issued for motor vehicles in regular use only.
  11. The permit must be displayed on the inside of the motor vehicle’s windscreen so that the label is clearly visible from outside the vehicle.
  12. Council may withdraw parking permits if deliberate abuses of the scheme are determined.
  13. Parking permits will not be issued to business premises and multi level apartments/units.

Resident parking permits

Permits are issued only to the permanent occupants of dwellings.

Proof of ownership, current tenancy or certificate of occupancy for new dwellings is required (rate notice or lease).


You can apply online or download a form.

Applicants who are a tenant need to provide proof of residence such as a copy of lease agreement or current utilities account.

Page last updated: Thursday, 5 August 2021