Share your views on public parking at Pakington Street, Geelong West

Monday, 28 February 2022

The City of Greater Geelong is seeking feedback from business owners, managers, shoppers and residents about public parking conditions on Pakington Street in Geelong West.

Local business owners and managers are invited to attend two workshops on public parking issues and needs and community members can submit their feedback using a map on the Have Your Say page.

The feedback will be used to inform the development of a Public Parking Plan for the much-loved commercial strip.

The Final Pakington Street and Gordon Avenue Urban Design Framework (UDF), which was partially endorsed in December 2021, includes an action to prepare a Public Parking Plan for Pakington Street North and Heritage Core Precincts.

A Public Parking Plan analyses the parking conditions and needs of an area and can provide the basis for a Parking Overlay or other appropriate implementation mechanisms to manage parking in a precinct.

The scope of the Parking Plan study includes existing public parking spaces servicing businesses along Pakington Street (including public parking facilities behind Pakington Street businesses).

The scope of the Parking Plan study does not include:
the provision of public parking spaces in residential areas (this will be addressed in future studies)
the provision of private parking facilities
additional public parking spaces (this will be addressed in future studies).

Feedback closes on Monday 28 March 2022. For more information visit Have Your Say.

Director of City Planning and Economy Gareth Smith

We want to work with Pakington Street business owners and managers and the broader community to understand how we can better manage existing public parking spaces to cater for the needs of businesses, local community and visitors. We’ve fast-tracked the action to develop the public parking plan as this was a key area of interest from residents and businesses during previous 30 weeks of community engagement, particularly the availability of on-street parking in commercial areas.

Page last updated: Monday, 7 March 2022