Smart parking innovations: FAQs

The City has introduced a range of smart technology initiatives to make it easier for motorists to carry out their parking transactions in central Geelong.

Read the answers to common questions about pay-by-plate parking, and licence plate recognition technology.

Vehicle registration numbers - what will mine be used for?
Accessing and using registration numbers for compliance purposes is a normal, legally-approved process. Any infringement must always list a registration number. The difference now is that we are linking the registration number with the payment technology to determine payment and overstay, rather than walking from car to car to observe such transactions. We will not be collecting or disclosing any of your personal information.

Displaying a paid ticket - why don't I need to do this?
The technology eliminates the need for you to display a ticket in your vehicle. This will reduce the environmental impact caused by paper waste and minimise the inconvenience of returning to the car to display the ticket.

Incorrect registration number - what if I enter mine wrong?
Our officers will use discretion in issuing fines where it appears a genuine mistake has been made. You can lodge an appeal to your infringement if you believe you should not have been fined.

Time left to park - how do I know how much time I have left?
If you paid using a parking meter, you can check how much time you have left by entering your number plate into any parking meter. If you paid using the app, you can check your remaining time on the app, and top up remotely.

Moving my car - can I move it to another parking bay and use parking credit that has not expired?
Yes, as long as the same tariff applies in both bays.

Returned Service Personnel - do I get free parking?
The City will continue to support returned personnel who have served in active military service by providing a permit that waives any fees associated with parking in central Geelong.

Appealing a fine - how do I appeal without a ticket?
Parking transaction details are contained in the parking meter software. If you believe you should not have been fined and lodge an appeal, our Internal Ombudsman will be able to access saved information about the parking transaction for your vehicle registration to review your appeal.

Paying for parking - how can I do this?
You will continue to have multiple options in paying for your parking session; coins, card and app.

Pay-by-phone apps - what ones can I use to pay for my parking?
You can use apps by EziCom or EasyPark. Find FAQs for EasyPark's app here

Page last updated: Monday, 22 November 2021