Mobile business parking scheme - conditions of operation

The objective of the scheme is to provide parking permits for business service provider vehicles.

Prepaid parking permits will eliminate the need for the providers to carry cash to pay for short term parking in Central Geelong, in areas where a fee must be paid.

Eligibility is based on a requirement that access is required to the vehicle for tools or equipment, throughout the day is integral to the operation of the business. For example: Office equipment, Air Conditioning servicing, Courier Vehicles.

Please note: There is an alternate permit for tradespeople.

General conditions

  1. The issue of a permit does not exempt the permit holder in an all day zone or in time restricted zones such as: 1/2P, 1P, 2P 4P.
  2. Permits are not valid in prohibited parking zones, that is: No Stopping, No Parking, Loading Zone or other prohibited zones as specified in Road Rules Victoria.
  3. Permits are not applicable within 500 metres of the service provider’s business premises.
  4. Permits are renewed on an annual basis and tax invoices will be issued prior to the expiry date.
  5. Permits are issued to designated commercially registered vehicles (by registration number) and are vehicle specific.
  6. Permits are not transferable with the sale of business.
  7. Proof of ownership of a vehicle must be provided
  8. Permits are limited to vehicles with a gross vehicle mass of less than 3 tonnes.
  9. Permit labels must be displayed on the inside of the vehicles windscreen, adjacent to or immediately above the registration label so that the permit is clearly visible from outside the vehicle. Failure to do so may result in a Parking Infringement Notice being issued.
  10. Permits are valid 9:00am to 5:30pm, Monday to Saturday only.
  11. Eligibility and number of permits required is based on type, size and number of vehicles per business.
  12. Central Geelong is defined as the area (bounded by Latrobe Terrace, The Esplanade (South), Corio Bay, Garden Street and McKillop Street).
  13. As at 01 July 2019 business permits cost $337.85 per annum time limits apply or $112.45 for Couriers with 10 minute time limit.
  14. Pro-rata fees apply with an annual renewal date of 30 July.
  15. Fees may be reviewed by Council annually.
  16. Failure to comply with permit conditions may result in the permit being withdrawn.


Application forms are available:

Page last updated: Thursday, 19 March 2020