Parking correctly

Vehicle owners should be aware of correct parking in residential streets to avoid being issued infringements for parking violations.

Victorian Road Rules state that it is an offence to double park.

When parking in a two-way street you must park on the left hand side of the road and your vehicle must face the direction of travel, that is the passenger side must be parked to the kerb and not the steering wheel side.

You must park within the marked lines of the parking bay.

A driver can not stop on a bicycle path, footpath, shared path, dividing strip, or a nature strip adjacent to a length of road in a built-up area, unless there is permissive signage.

Nature strips

We support this law as often tree roots can be compacted, grass is worn down resulting in the nature strip becoming unsightly, and there can be instances when utility companies require urgent access to underground cabling.


Drivers must not stop on a road in a position that obstructs access by vehicles or pedestrians to, or from, a footpath ramp or a similar way of access to a footpath.

There is potential for pedestrians and others, particularly those in wheelchairs, motorised wheelchairs and prams to be obstructed.


Drivers must not stop across a driveway unless dropping off or picking up passengers, the driver must not leave the vehicle and must not stop for more than 2 minutes.

Further assistance

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Page last updated: Monday, 21 December 2020