Loading zones

Loading zones are provided to allow the pick up or delivery of loads or people close to their destination. They are not provided for short term parking. 

Only certain eligible vehicles may park in a loading zone.

Eligible vehicles

The following groups of vehicles can use loading zones while actually taking up or setting down passengers or loads:

  • buses and motor vehicles that have seating positions for 10, 11 or 12 adults (including the drivers) that are being used to carry passengers for hire or reward
  • trucks, vans, utilities and other vehicles constructed principally for carrying loads.

These vehicles have a 'G' on their registration label. Sedan, station wagon, motor cycles and other similar delivery or courier vehicles with a permanently fixed sign on both sides of the body of the vehicle. This is the only group which requires signs on the body of the vehicle to enable them to use loading zones.

Signs for delivery and courier vehicles

The signs on delivery and courier sedans, station wagons, motor cycles and similar vehicles must meet the following specifications:

  • A business, company name or courier sign (with or without other words or symbols) must appear in letters at least 50 millimetres high and be of proportional width.
  • Signs must be in clear contrast with the background and clearly legible from five metres.
  • Signs must be permanently marked on both sides of the motor vehicle body.
  • Permanent adhesive signs are permitted. Magnetic signs, or signs placed on windows or roof racks are not acceptable.
  • For a motorbike, the signs can be on both sides or the rear. 

Loading zone time limits

Loading zone signs may have 15, 30 minute or hourly time limits. Where no time limit is displayed, a default time limit of 30 minutes applies.

Loading zones can only be used while loading or unloading. However, under no circumstances can the time limit be exceeded.

Ineligible vehicles

This means that the following vehicles cannot use a loading zone:

  • a sedan
  • a station wagon
  • a motorbike with three wheels

Need to know more...

For more information about Loading Zone rules and their use please call VicRoads on 131 171 or visit the Vicroads website.

You might also find our page on parking - the road rules and you helpful in understanding the different signs in our streets.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 16 November 2021