Parenting support services

We are focused on providing families with access to support and education programs that compliment their role as parents. Strengthening parenting skills and family relationships is a priority.

Through working closely with stakeholders who provide a diverse range of options for parents, we hope that our region will provide families with the tools they need to help children achieve their full potential (Theme One Municipal Early Years Plan 2018-2022).

We know the Greater Geelong region is a wonderful place to bring up children and we are continually working to improve our liveability and support we provide to families.

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Parenting support services map

We have developed a parenting support services map to enable practitioners and parents to access local parenting services/programs.

The map will provide a detailed description of parenting programs and contact details. It will also be useful for future program implementation and development.

The parenting support services map will provide an integrated way for service providers to access information and use with their families around parent education and support, as well as be a point of reference for families looking for programs to meet their current needs.

The Municipal Early Years Plan 2022-2025 recognises that the provision of succinct, consistent information tools will ensure families feel supported and connected to local services as well as the wider community.

We continue to update the map to reflect additional services available to families, and new programs that are available.

We extend our thanks to stakeholders that contributed the information available in the parenting services map.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 27 June 2023