2015 Odyssey films

View all the films from the 2015 Odyssey Geelong Year 11 and 12 Media Studies Film Festival.

15 Words

A slapstick comedy where the word count has run out. By Grace Blackhall - Sacred Heart College, Year 11.

Barry Winner

Barry needs to find where he fits in the world, but there's a part of him missing. By Oliver Midson - Geelong High School, Year 12.

A Glimpse of Melbourne

Melbourne is the most liveable city in the world. Come on a journey through this city with its Lord Mayor. Isobelle Engelsman and Kaitlyn McKenna by Belmont High School, Year 11.

A Series of Quandary Events

Is she asleep or is she awake? What's happening in this girl's world. By Courtney O’Reilly - Geelong High School, Year 11.


A documentary following the journey of a young Western Bulldogs recruit to his first AFL match. By Brayden Thompson - St Josephs College, Year 11.

Float along - Fill your lungs

A music film clip journey for King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard. By Campbell Revie - St Ignatius College, Year 12.

Full Stop

Ordinary lives cross paths in this family drama, and all is not as it seems. By Liam Erck - Bellarine Secondary College, Year 12.


A man faces a tough financial time, and his solution is right next door. By Patrick West - St Josephs College, Year 12.

Motum Tardi

An exhilarating GoPro journey of BMX and surf down the coast. By Indy Flexman - Belmont High School, Year 12.

One Bounce

A mockumentary style film on the passionate sport of Downball. By Fox Shead - Surfcoast Secondary College, Year 11.


Who is after him? Sending texts. Who is the fake? Is it him? By Brandon Dellow - Northern Bay Secondary College, Year 12.

To Murder A Mouse

Best friends are hard to find but always there for you, aren't they? By Elle Richards - Sacred Heart College, Year 12.

Walk Don’t Run

A mockumentary style film about the life of our Crossing Supervisors. By Ben Head - Kardinia International College, Year 11.


A man discovers photos of himself around his house. Who or what is the cause? By Ryan Hale - Lara Secondary College, Year 11.

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