2016 Odyssey films

View all the films from the 2016 Odyssey Geelong Year 11 and 12 Media Studies Film Festival.


The story of an up and coming horror sensation. By Bebe Bax, Sacred Heart College Geelong, Year 11.

Always in My Head

A single from the Gymnastics in the Seventies. By Marli Dean, Saint Ignatius, Year 11.

Caitie Fisher

Daniel's life turns upside down when he loses his phone, can any good come of it? By Fox Shead, Surf Coast Secondary College, Year 12.

Greetings from Teenage Hell

An abstract look at the experience of being a teenager. By Audrey Pfeiffer, Clonard College Geelong, Year 12.

Hey Mammoth

A single from the band 'Hey Mammoth'. By Camryn Sheehan, Kardinia International College, Year 11.

It's Over Again

Ghosts from the past come back to haunt a girl. By Ella Schulze-Willey, Geelong High School, Year 11.

Making Plans

A single from Macka Heard. By Macka Heard, St Joseph's College Geelong, Year 12.

An exciting look at the world of downhill mountain biking. By Jachob Dynes, Belmont High School, Year 11.


An exploration into love and dreams that never were. By Claire McCarthy, Saint Ignatius College, Year 12.


How do you survive when your world has no colour? By Genevieve Schiesser, Belmont High School, Year 12.

The Clade

A boy suffering from visions confronts his fears. By Griffin Jennings, Lara Secondary School, Year 12.

The Munster

The life and times of 'The Munster'. By Grace Blackhall, Sacred Heart College Geelong, Year 12.


An exciting time travelling adventure. By Harry Hayes, Geelong College, Year 12.

Yule Tide

A sinister force has been unleashed at Christmas. By Ben Thompson, Kardinia International College, Year 12.

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