2018 Odyssey films

View all the films from the 2018 Odyssey Geelong Year 11 and 12 Media Studies Film Festival.


A look at the culture of female motorcycle riders. By Cody Vaughan, Belmont High School Year 11.

Change the Date

Christmas leads the discussion on whether a change of date for Australia Day is needed. By Eliza Broad, Kardinia International College Year 11.


A dark experiment. By John Thompson, Belmont High School Year 12.


Eleanor deals with the colleagues in her workplace. By Chloe Collins, Matthew Flinders Girls School Year 12.


Discernment. Noun. The ability to judge well. By Ileen Yodsan, North Geelong Secondary College Year 12.


A child runs from arguing parents to find himself alone. By Darby Teesdale, Lara Secondary College Year 12.

Jacks day (2018 Winner - Audience Favourite Film)

A story of a man named Jack. By Henry Glenister, Geelong Baptist College Year 11.


Follows the journey of a man on a mission. By Harry Doull, Christian College Year 12.

Phil Brown

The life of a bus driver. By Jack Gray, Christian College Year 11.


Leo thinks the Polaroid Ghost is just a story, or is it? By Deklyn Palmer, Lara Secondary College Year 11.


A candid look at Geelong footballer Sam Simpson. By Harry Connell, Sacred Heart College Year 11.

The Bus Stop (2018 Winner - Best Film)

Love springs eternal at the local bus stop. By Nathan Fox, St Joseph’s College, Geelong Year 11.

The Contemporary Australian

What does it mean to be Australian? A story of 3 different perspectives. By Jack Nyhof, Geelong High School Year 12.

The Money I Made in High School

An ingenious scheme makes unlikely allies. By Conor Whitty, Kardinia International College Year 12.

The Traveller

Ash meets the Traveller. The adventure has only begun. By Isabella Borley, St Ignatious College Year 12.


Clint has a condition that makes his life difficult. Could Brie be the one that helps him? By Tommi Krasic, St Ignatious College Year 12.

You Bug Me

The quest to find a new pet brings unexpected results. By Madeline Royce, Sacred Heart College Year 12.

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