2017 Odyssey films

View all the films from the 2017 Odyssey Geelong Year 11 and 12 Media Studies Film Festival.


5 people explore their senses. By Eadie Rule Sacred Heart College Year 12.

11 Minutes

A mysterious phenomena leads to unexpected visitors. By Darcy Broom, Grovedale Secondary College Year 12.

A Year in the Life

Where do you see yourself a year from now? By Madeline Royce & Daisy Guest, Sacred Heart College Year 11.

Doomed to Repeat

History repeats. By Isaac Haigh, Kardinia International College Year 12.


An escape to freedom. By Rama Jordan, Geelong High School Year 11.

Give for Gulls

A story of a man's passion to protect seagulls. By Cooper Willingham, Surf Coast Secondary College Y12.


Meet Ivory, a lady with an insatiable taste for life. By Mikala Faini, Christian College Year 12.


Origami animation. By Hannah Hall, Belmont High School Year 11.

Me From You

A different point of view. By Ella Schulze-Willey, Geelong High School Year 12.


Stunning Queenscliff from above. By Harry Doull, Christian College Year 11.


By Oliver Manton, Geelong College Year 12.


By Jachob Dynes, School Belmont High School Year 12.

The Bacheloretta

The grand finale brings unexpected truths. By Darby Teesdale, Lara Secondary College Year 11.

The Bushranger

Two bushrangers get more than they bargained for. By Joshua Spork, St Joseph’s College Year 12.

The Deep Sleep

Haunting visions plague one man. Is it past or is it future? By Andrew McCorkell, St Joseph’s College Year 12.

Your Ghosts

Visions of the past haunt a man. By Anthony de Weerd, Lara Secondary College Year 12.

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