From fleece to fabric

This is the place for those who love machines. See how wool is turned into fabric.

See, hear, smell and feel wool as transforms from raw, greasy fleece through scouring, combing, spinning and weaving into finished fabric.

Try your hand at carding, weaving or machine knitting.

Visit the multi-award winning Reminiscence Cottage - a sensory experience recreating Australian home life from 1930-1950. Fun exploration for the entire family, Reminiscence Cottage is also specially designed in to support individuals living in the dementia spectrum.

Komet sock knitting machine

Watch the 1960s Komet Knitter turn-out socks before your eyes … the finished socks are sold through the Museum Shop, but hurry, as this vintage machine can only knot one sock every seven minutes!

Page last updated: Monday, 10 February 2020