Museum Kids - School Holidays at the Museum

Thursday, 3 June 2021

The National Wool Museum will help keep the family warm and active these winter holidays with fun exhibitions, displays and exciting programs for all ages.

Experience the interactive and tactile galleries which tell the stories of our land and the textile industry, visit the world-famous fleece of Baarack the Lost Sheep or enter an immersive cityscape full of tactile and sensory activities with the How Cities Work exhibition – you can even sign up for one of our StoryCraft programs.

Don’t miss our award-winning gallery On the Land: Our Story Retold which tells the story of people and places and our impact on the land. Suitable for the entire family, the exhibition is contemporary and interactive, encouraging curiosity about the environment, farming, the regions traditional owners and sheep!

But who is Baarack the Lost Sheep? Baarack received worldwide fame earlier this year when he was found wandering the Cobaw State Forest in desperate need of a haircut!

The National Wool Museum is telling the story of Baarack and his very large fleece alongside lively illustrations from local children’s book author Renee Treml and new films shot on location at Baarack’s new home, Edgar’s Mission. Baarack is believed to be around 8 years old with at least 5 years’ worth of fleece weighing him down – that’s a whopping 35.4kgs!

Don’t miss the final days of How Cities Work, a travelling exhibition by the Sydney Living Museums. From skyscrapers to underground networks, this interactive family exhibition reveals the secret workings of our busy urban centres.

For a complete day of activities book in for one of our StoryCraft programs with Illustrator and Author Renee Treml or share some classic children’s books and go on the Great Sheep Hunt through the Museum.

Padraic Fisher - National Wool Museum Director

When we first heard about Baarack, we were determined to share the story of this celebrity sheep. It isn’t often that popular culture and sheep come together, but the Baarack story is one of those occasions.

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