School programs

The National Wool Museum offers a fun and exciting range of guided tours and workshops for schools, facilitated by our trained educators.

Guided tour only - 45 minutes: students experience a guided tour of museum exhibitions, focusing on aspects that align to your area of study.

  • Session times: 10:00am to 10:45am; 11:00am to 11:45am; 12:00pm to 12:45pm and 1:00pm to 1:45pm

Hands-on workshops (with guided tour) - 90 minutes: students experience a guided tour of museum exhibitions and a fun, ‘hands-on’ workshop in museum studio space. 

  • Session times: 9:30am to 11:00am; 11:30am to 1:00pm and 1:30 to 3:00pm

Guided tours

Our guided tours take students on a journey through history and the wool manufacturing process – from the land to the factory - through our two core exhibitions that share the stories of wool in the region.

Guided tours of our temporary exhibitions can also be organised by arrangement.

If you have a particular area of study you wish to focus on in your tour please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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Stitch in Time

Focus area: local history

Years Prep to 6: Curriculum Connections- History + Geography

  • What can objects from the past tell us about people and places?
  • Follow the threads of time through the museums unique collection items to look at how daily life has changed.
  • Discover the stories of human invention and resourcefulness connected to these historical sources.
  • Students will build stitching and fabric printing skills and create a textile tapestry resembling the museum’s unique collection of ‘wagga’ rugs.

Weaving the land

Focus area: environment and land management

Years 3 to 8: Curriculum Connections-  History + Geography

  • Explore farming and industrial practices over time.
  • What can we learn from past and present practices and what clues can we find for sustainable solutions?
  • Students will use weaving looms to create a woven piece that represents land restoration practices, with repurposed fabrics, fleece and yarn.

Woollen wonder

Focus area: fibres, textiles, manufacturing and design

Years 3 to 8: Curriculum Connections- Design and Technologies + Science

  • How does wool get from a sheep’s back to the clothing rack?
  • Go on a sensory journey and discover the processes that turn wool from fleece to fabric, such as scouring, combing, spinning and dyeing.
  • Students will experiment with and explore the properties of wool and get ‘hands- on’ creating woolly pieces with knitting tools and yarn.

Industrial Innovations

Focus area: technology, industrial revolution

Years 7 to 10: Curriculum Connections- History + Design and Technologies

  • Explore the innerworkings of the revolutionary innovation-the punchcard programming system- through a ‘hands on’ coding activity.
  • Discover how this innovation is connected to the computer systems we use today and how machines used in the textile industries have changed how people work and live.
  • Students will decode a unique program designed for the National Wool Museum’s 1910 Axminster Gripper Loom and create a collective design.

Early Learning Programs

The National Wool Museum welcomes bookings from early learning centres and offers a range of learning experiences for children ages two to five years.

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