Youth Activities Area

The Youth Activities Area is a dedicated outdoor plaza-style park, located at the Waterfront in Geelong.

Containing an array of cutting edge design features, young people can participate in a range of physical activities or relax at this award-winning arena.

The Youth Activities Area is an all-day free open area, located at the Waterfront near Western Beach Road. It is situated next to the west of Cunningham Pier right along the edge of the foreshore.

Features of the Youth Activities Area

  • Open-air performance areas

  • Artworks

  • Stages for performance

  • Basketball hoop practice area

  • Skate/BMX/Scooter areas

  • Bench seating 

Skate/BMX/Scooter at the Youth Activities Area

The Youth Activities Area is very popular with Skate/BMX/Scooter followers.

Receiving a 5 out of 5 star rating from the 2010 Australian Skate Park Guide, the area is a plaza-style skate park with many different street obstacles including ledges, stairs, rails and bank ramps.

These features also double as seating, stages and areas for other sports such as basketball. 

Other events at the Youth Activities Area

Organisations and community groups are encouraged to fund and hold their own free events at the Youth Activities Area, aimed at young people aged 12-25 years old.

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Page last updated: Monday, 19 February 2024