Evolt 360 at Norlane ARC

Evolt 360 offers you tracking, goal setting and much more all within a 60-second scan. 

Discover data about your body through more than 40 measurements, simply working by passing a safe electrical current through the feet and hands. Even better, Evolt 360 body scans are free for Swim, Sport and Leisure members.*

Why scan?

Whether your goal is weight loss, increased muscle, improved strength, cardiorespiratory fitness or metabolic health, understanding the importance of your body composition is integral to your training program and success in reaching your goals.

How the Evolt 360 scanner works

The Evolt 360 body scanner uses bioimpedance technology which is a scientific method that uses a safe, electrical impulse to assess your internal tissue in a very quick, non-invasive way.

The technology can tell you how much visceral fat you hold around you organs which is important for overall health and can assist you with how to manage your nutrition and supplementation as well as exercise activity.

Your free Evolt 360 scan

As a valued Swim, Recreation and Leisure member, you receive a free* scan as part of your assessment. Visit us in centre or call reception to book in your assessment with one our qualified gym instructors today.

Your assessment involves...

  1. In your first session you'll go over your fitness goals, health history and what you do and don't like doing. You will then perform an Evolt 360 body scan and from there our qualified gym instructors will do the rest! 
  2. On your next visit you'll be taken through the program step-by-step. Your instructor will teach you how to use equipment, guide you through proper technique and explain your program fully so you feel comfortable to go back and do it on your own. 
  3. In 2-3 weeks’ time, your instructor will meet with you again to make sure that you’re ok and that your technique is safe and correct, answer any questions you have and ensure you’re booked in for a reassessment and new program. 
  4. Time for your program and body scan review! Every 6-8 weeks your program will be reviewed based on your body scan and overall progress. A new program will be created to ensure you're continuing to meet your goals, feeling supported and enjoying your time in centre! 

Best practice scanning conditions 

It is important to always scan under the exact same circumstances every time you scan to ensure consistency and repeatability for tracking purposes. We recommend the best practice as follows: 

  • Scan at the same time of day 
  • Do not scan after training 
  • Keep your hydration and food volume the same
  • Do not consume alcohol within 24-48 hours prior to your scan. Preferably do not consume caffeine, pre-workouts, thermogenic (fat burners) or diuretics prior to scanning
  • Ensure you are well hydrated 

Try our Evolt 360 scan today!

Pricing per person
Full access Swim Sport and Leisure Members Free

Please note: Evolt 360s manufacturer's exclusions are:

  • pregnant persons
  • persons who have a pacemaker device or similar style of device that uses the same technology using electrical frequencies
  • persons who have a cochlear implant or similar style of device that uses electrical frequencies
  • for other implants or devices that use different technologies, should be reverted back to the individuals healthcare practitioner for approval before scanning. 

*Free for full access Swim Sport and Leisure members only.

Privacy: Scan results are strictly confidential, and gym trainers are only permitted to access to your results if permission is granted by you.

Page last updated: Monday, 3 June 2024