Pending decisions on the development of the next Precinct Structure Plans

Tuesday, 3 May 2022

The Council will be deciding on the next precinct structure plans (PSPs) to be delivered in late 2022.

As the Creamery Road PSP and Elcho Road PSP will be moving into the planning scheme amendment stage next year, the selection of the next two PSPs by the end of this year will allow for effective transition of resources and contribute to maintaining the required lot supply.  

Letters will go out to landholders within the medium term areas in the Northern and Western Growth Areas and the Moolap Coastal Strategic Framework Plan to invite proposals for the next PSPs.

Criteria and response schedule

Number Requirements Response
1 Land already nominated for residential development in the Greater Geelong Planning Scheme. Yes/No
2 What zone is it now?  
3 Does the development have regard to the NWGGA Framework Plan delivery staging? (e.g. medium term before long term) Yes/No?
4 Can the proposal be integrated with existing and planned urban areas? Yes/No
  Assessment Criteria Response
5 How your development aspirations align to our Clever and Creative vision and relevant Framework Plan objectives and measures of success? Provide a short description?
6 What are the elements of innovation and community benefit being proposed? Provide a short description?
7 What transport opportunities will be offered with focus on active and public transport over car based transport.? Provide a short description?
8 Readiness to develop and the forecast lot delivery. Provide a short description?
9 How will development constraints and servicing requirements be managed to provide development in a logical, timely and cost effective manner? Provide a short description?
10 Will the establishing communities be able to access services and facilities in existing neighbourhoods during the early stages of development and, if not, will these items be delivered earlier than expected to develop self-sufficient communities at an early stage???  Provide a short description?
11 Describe the housing mix within the development vision (incl. affordable housing, social housing and housing diversity) Provide a short description?
12 Will the precinct support local jobs??  Provide a short description?
13 How will the future development manage potential land use conflicts with consideration given to industrial and/or infrastructure buffers??If applicable. Provide a short description?
14 Does the development avoid land fragmentation and the development of multiple, isolated development fronts??  Provide a short description?
15  What is the likely contribution of the private sector to funding infrastructure, beyond the development contributions plan??  Provide a short description?

Key dates

3 May to 3 June 2022
Accepting proposals
3 June to early July 2022
Shortlisting of proposals
August 2022
Pitching sessions
November 2022
Recommendation to Council for a decision

Need to know more...

Please email [email protected] or contact our Strategic Planning Team if you have any questions.

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