Commission refuses application for more gaming machines

Friday, 29 April 2022

The City of Greater Geelong acknowledges the decision by the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission to refuse an application for extra gaming machines at the Valley Inn in South Geelong.

The commission considered a social and economic impact assessment provided by the City during the two-day hearing on Wednesday 16 and Thursday 17 March.

The latest data from the commission shows that $72.6 million has been lost on gaming machines in Greater Geelong so far in 2021-22. In total, $972,770 has been lost on gaming at the Valley Inn since 1 July 2021.

A.P.D. Group Pty Ltd had sought approval from the commission to increase the number of gaming machines from 29 to 39 at its venue at 120 Fyans Street, South Geelong.

There are 1349 electronic gaming machines across 26 venues in the City of Greater Geelong, including one venue in Queenscliff.

The commission found there are already 271 electronic gaming machines located between 2.5km and 5km from the Valley Inn.

The City’s social and economic impact assessment of the proposal considered factors such population demographics (including crime, tourism and economic data), disadvantage and unemployment rates, housing stress, labour force participation, education and age ranges.

It also included a summary of community engagement conducted via the ‘your say’ page in February 2022.

The City received 260 responses to the application and a further 60 comments via social media. More than 86 per cent of respondents did not support the application.

Bethany Gamblers Help provides free assistance for problem gambling on 03 5278 8122. Decisions from the Commission are listed here.

Director of Community Life Robyn Stevens

We thank the commission for the time and effort it has taken to consider this proposal and the valuable feedback provided by the local community. The decision recognises that an increase in the number of gaming machines provides an increased risk of problem gambling, which leads to other costs such as family breakdowns, mental health problems and financial stress.


Page last updated: Friday, 29 April 2022