Tree inspection program

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

We responded to an inquiry from the Geelong Advertiser regarding our tree inspection program, and how residents can help protect our natural assets.

Greater Geelong Acting Director City Services Debbie Leeson-Rabie

Every tree on public land within the municipality is inspected by a qualified arborist during a three-year program. Some trees, such as those near powerlines, on rural roads and palm trees, are inspected annually. Our tree management team also quickly responds to public requests for an inspection of a tree in our streets or parks.

We run a number of community engagement programs that support the region’s natural environment. We are continually exploring ideas about how to engage more members of the community who are passionate about protecting and enhancing our rapidly growing urban forest.


Our Data Exchange platform has a detailed register of our tree population.

We regularly host community tree planting days. With the community’s help, we have vegetated more than 16 kilometres of the Ted Wilson Trail since 2015.

The City of Greater Geelong partners with Outdoors Victoria to provide a program called Nature Stewards. This program is aimed at residents with a curiosity or interest in the local environment, biodiversity and advocacy.

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