Lara Flood Study

Friday, 20 August 2021

We responded to an inquiry from the Geelong Advertiser regarding the Lara Flood Study.

Greater Geelong Director City Services Guy Wilson-Browne

What has led to the increase in more Lara properties being vulnerable to flooding?

The Lara township experiences frequent and significant flood events. The Lara Flood Study has not increased the risk to properties of flooding. Rather, it has provided us with better information on the extent of overland flows in a large storm event.

Is the Council considering significantly upgrading Lara’s stormwater systems?

As part of the flood study, we have identified critical drainage assets in Lara and created an inspection and maintenance program for them. We have also identified priority capital works for drainage infrastructure in the region.

Could properties now named in the proposed flood zone have additional requirements/restrictions when submitting development applications?

Properties identified as liable to flooding will still be able to gain building permits and proceed with approved building works. The information will ensure that all buildings and developments are built to a standard that will protect them against future flooding and prevent them impacting neighbouring properties.

Has the council been in touch with residents concerned about the proposal? Are there plans for a public meeting?

Residents have received direct communication, including fact sheets and frequently asked questions. They have also been invited to attend community information sessions on 18 and 27 August.

How many objections/notices of support have been received so far?

Following extensive community consultation, the Lara Flood Study was adopted by Council in July 2020. More information is available here.

Page last updated: Friday, 20 August 2021