Committed to gender equality

Thursday, 1 April 2021

Greater Geelong Mayor Stephanie Asher:

I believe we have work to do across every industry and every sector, as unconscious gender bias continues to be a widespread problem. The City is well aware of these challenges to gender equity and the Council supports the efforts being made by the team. The council group will continue to push to improve opportunities for women in Greater Geelong, which will see benefits for the whole community.

Greater Geelong Strategy, People and Performance Director Kaarina Phyland:

What has the City done to ensure it can meet its obligations under the new Gender Equality Act guidelines?

The new Gender Equality Act requires councils to introduce Gender Impact Assessments (GIAs), to ensure that any policy, program or service will better support Victorians of all genders and promote gender equality in the future. Last year, the City helped the Commission for Gender Equality in the Public Service to identify improvements that would be useful to local councils. We were a participant in the Gender Equality Act pilot, to test the GIA Toolkit and Workplace Gender Audit tools. Our dedicated gender equality team is ensuring that the new requirements of the Act are embedded into all our service design processes.

What has the City done and what does it continue to do to promote gender equality?

The City endorsed Ba-gurrk, our gender equity framework in 2019. This followed many years of commitment to gender equity and the prevention of violence against women and children. We have held the annual Women in Community Life Awards for the past seven years, which celebrates the extraordinary contributions of women living and working in Greater Geelong. This year, we have established a dedicated project to increase gender equality in the workplace. We have appointed a Gender Equality Project Officer, who will help us develop our first Gender Equality Action Plan (GEAP). The GEAP, which is expected in October, will build on the City’s strategy for diversity and inclusion and our commitment to build a healthy and inclusive culture. The City is also currently undertaking GIA training.

Has the City completed a gender equality audit?

As part of our Gender Equality project, we will conduct an audit of our workforce. This is a requirement from the Act as of 30 June 2021. The audit will help us to identify a baseline and set targets that will inform the development of our GEAP. The City tested the Workplace Gender Audit last year as part of the pilot we participated in. These findings have been implemented and prepared the organisation to undertake the audit.

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