Amendment C363 & Oakden Rd

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

The following comments are to be attributed to Director Planning, Design and Development
Gareth Smith:

While the Oakden development and Amendment C363 both relate to infill residential development in Drysdale they are at different stages of the planning process. This makes accurate comparisons difficult. Both proposals are treated on their individual merits under the respective planning processes.

While several technical reports and plans were prepared to support the rezoning of C363, it is not at the same stage as Oakden Rd, which is why it has not addressed many of the detailed design matters raised by the Association.

Many of the subdivision design concerns, such as lot sizes, tree retention and removal, will be
determined and addressed when Development Plans and subdivision permits are submitted in the future, subject to Ministerial approval of Amendment C363.


C363 proposes to rezone land at Central Rd/Jetty Rd Drysdale to the General Residential Zone with a Development Plan Overlay and a Development Contributions Plan Overlay.

C363 doesn’t include a planning permit for subdivision unlike the Oakden Rd development.

Page last updated: Thursday, 18 February 2021