Lovely Banks road upgrade

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Acting Director City Services Shaun Broadbent

When will road upgrades on Anakie Rd, Lovely Banks be finished?

The works are estimated to be completed in March 2021, subject to suitable weather conditions.

If it is delayed, what are the causes?

Reasons for the delay include:
  • Existing services. For example, the location and depth of existing water mains within the road pavement area. They are typically within grassed areas, not under the road shoulder as is the case with Anakie Road. This adds significant complexity to construction; 
  • Poor and soft ground conditions;
  • Clashes between water main locations, driveways and drainage; and
  • Asbestos removal.

What consultation has been done with the local residents on the upgrades?

 Residents were notified prior to the on-ground works starting in February 2020.

What do the upgrades involve/what will be delivered once they’re completed?

Anakie Road, between Evans Road and the Geelong Ring Road, is being reconstructed to include 1.8-metre-wide sealed shoulders, improved bus stop bays and drainage. The project is being delivered in partnership with Regional Roads Victoria under Fixing Country Roads Program and the Federal Roads to Recovery Program.

Has the Council received any complaints from residents about the works?

The project team has been working closely with residents to resolve their concerns about driveway access issues. We have put in place temporary solutions to minimise their disruption as much as possible. We are working to ensure that property access is maintained during construction and that the drainage protects both the road and adjoining properties.

Has Council provided solutions for residents to access their driveways?

We are working hard to ensure that disruption to residents is minimised and that driveways are built in accordance to current standards, once the road upgrade has been completed. Certain sections of Anakie Road have been challenging with the flat grades. We are working methodically through each driveway to ensure that property access for residents is either maintained or improved at the completion of the project.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 30 December 2020