Residential zone changes ensure residents are protected

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Council has resolved to ask the Minister for Planning to make changes to the residential zoning in some areas of Greater Geelong, to adjust building height limits and bring the City of Greater Geelong in line with the state government’s new residential zoning classifications.

The new residential zones were introduced by the state government in 2017 and local councils were given three years to comply.

Without these changes supported by council, the building height limits would increase by two metres to 11 metres in General Residential Zone 2 and by three metres in Residential Growth Zone 2 to 13.5 metres.

The changes will see the General Residential Zone 2 areas in urban Geelong rezoned to a Neighbourhood Residential Zone, which will maintain the nine-metre maximum height limit and permit a maximum of two stories.

The Residential Growth Zone 2 areas around shopping areas and train stations will be changed to a new General Residential Zone, which involves an unavoidable small increase in building height limits from 10.5 to 11 metres due to the state government zone requirements. The building height limits will continue to allow two storey and some three storey developments on larger sites.

These changes maintain housing policy and character objectives established in the Housing Diversity Strategy and keep building heights as close as possible to the existing limits.

Council considered three options and the supported changes align with the extensive community consultation carried out as part of previous neighbourhood character and housing policy projects.

The Bellarine Peninsula isn’t affected by these changes, as building heights will be considered by the Bellarine Peninsula Distinctive Area and Landscapes project, which is managed by DELWP.

Councillor Stephanie Asher - Mayor

Council adopted these changes because of a state government requirement for the City to align with current residential zones.
My fellow councillors and I felt the approved option was the most balanced, as it allowed for the City to continue delivering the housing framework established in the Housing Diversity Strategy, while maintaining heights as close as possible to existing limits.

Councillor Trent Sullivan, Chair, Planning portfolio

Council felt that it was critical that the building height limits continue to align with the community’s expectations established through extensive previous consultation.

The City will advise the Minister for Planning how it expects the Greater Geelong Planning Scheme can be changed to be compliant with the state government’s zone provisions.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 25 March 2020