Waste disposal site

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

The following comments are to be attributed to Director Development, Design and Planning Gareth Smith:

Does Council believe tenants of the property are responsible for rubbish dumping? Or is the site being used by commercial operators? If so, who are the operators?

This matter is still an ongoing investigation and the City is not in a position to discuss these details.

Has Council received complaints about rubbish dumping at this property in November, December or this month?

Our ongoing monitoring of the site and complaints from the community confirm dumping of rubbish has continued, despite City requests for this unauthorised activity to cease.

Can you confirm the property has never had a permit allowing waste collection to take place there?

There are no permits in place for waste collection or processing on this site.

Has Council taken any further action in regards to the property since the letter on Oct 15 prior to Friday - was it monitored?

Ongoing monitoring of the site has continued with a further inspection of the site conducted with the EPA on Friday 10 December 2019. Subsequently, all relevant people were also notified that all unauthorised and prohibited uses cease and that all imported materials must be removed by 10 January 2020. Further site inspections are being arranged.

Will Council continue to monitor the site?

Yes. This matter is still an ongoing investigation.

Does Council hold concerns about fire risk at the site and have these been discussed with the CFA?

The City will continue to monitor the site to ensure public safety is maintained. In late 2019 the City issued a fire prevention notice requiring grass cutting on site. This notice was complied with.
Fire risks at the site have not been discussed with the CFA at this stage.

Will Council seek an enforcement order at VCAT and what is the aim of this order?

The City is considering options for enforcement action to gain compliance with the Planning Scheme, under the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

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