New regulations to improve swimming pool and spa safety

Thursday, 12 December 2019

In a bid to reduce the incidence of drowning among small children, new laws to improve swimming pool and spa safety have come into effect across Victoria.

It is now mandatory for owners of land where a swimming pool or spa is located, to register their pool or spa with local council.

Small inflatable wading pools that do not require any assembly do not have to be registered.

While the new regulation has come into effect this month, owners have until 1 June 2020 to register their pool or spa with council, providing them with plenty of time to bring their pool or spa and their safety barriers into compliance.

Once registered, owners are also required to have a building surveyor or building inspector certify, every four years, that their safety barrier is compliant.

The state government introduced this new compliance regime after numerous coronial investigations found that un-maintained and non-compliant pool barriers had contributed to the deaths of children in backyard pools.

27 young children have drowned in home swimming pools and spas in Victoria since 2000, in most cases the coroner found the safety barriers were non-compliant and likely to have played a role in their deaths.

This state introduced regulation has been introduced to reduce the chance of further tragedies occurring.

The fee for lodging a ‘certificate of barrier compliance’ with council is $20.44. Residents can refer to the Victorian Building Authority or council websites for all applicable fees and charges.

For more information on the new regulation contact council’s Building team on 5272 5272 or visit  or 

Page last updated: Thursday, 12 December 2019