Council requests further report on Malop Street traffic flow

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Council has requested a report from our CEO on a range of potential changes along the completed Green Spine section of Malop Street, between Moorabool and Yarra Streets.

Councillor Eddy Kontelj moved an amendment during Tuesday night’s council meeting asking for, “an outline of various options, work scope, the potential impacts on the Green Spine design, pros and cons, costs and timelines” including, but not limited to:

  1. build capacity into Malop Street between Moorabool Street and Yarra Street, which will efficiently service an increase in traffic flow of 11,000 plus car movements per day
  2. achieve service levels for vehicle movements equal to or better than April 2016 (pre-Green Spine)
  3. install left and right vehicle turning lanes at the intersections of Malop Street and Yarra Street and Malop Street and Moorabool Street
  4. increase on street 2P car parking locations on Malop Street between Moorabool Street and Yarra Street by up to 100 per cent more than current
  5. improve pedestrian safety and vehicle delays at pedestrian crossings and
  6. ensure relevant costings are provided to councillors in order to consider inclusion into the 2020-21 Council budget.

The amendment was carried 8-3 by the council, with Councillors Kontelj, Asher, Grzybek, Aitken, Mason, Murrihy, Nelson and Sullivan in favour, and Councillors Harwood, Murnane and Mansfield against.

The report has been requested by March 2020.

Councillor Kontelj’s amendment came during a discussion on an independent traffic review into the Malop Street Green Spine, instigated by a council resolution in June.

Councillors noted the findings of that report, and agreed to continue to evaluate changes in traffic conditions and driver behaviour, and receive a further report in March as per the June resolution.

The independent traffic review can be viewed in the 10 December council meeting agenda.

Councillor Stephanie Asher - Mayor

The Green Spine is part of a long-term planning vision and has already won a national award for landscape architecture. However, there is no question there are some aspects that don’t please everyone.


This amendment doesn’t commit the council to any actions. It is a request for further information that will allow us to make informed decisions in the future, whilst also taking into account broader questions such as how we want our city to look and function in the long-term and how we want people to move into and around the CBD.

Councillor Eddy Kontelj - Brownbill ward

Community members have told me often and loudly that the Malop Street area between Moorabool Street and Yarra Street is not working and is definitely not meeting their expectations when it comes to traffic flow, pedestrian safety and parking.

This amendment seeks answers to questions about these issues that I believe are not articulated in the independent traffic review report.

The community have also been very clear in their message to me that we cannot continue to block and tackle vehicle access into the CBD by introducing infrastructure to physically restrict them entering without first providing alternative transport links and an efficient and effective public transport system. Unfortunately, the arrangement we currently have in Malop Street is doing just this.

Page last updated: Thursday, 12 December 2019