Free Wi-Fi in Geelong’s northern suburbs one step closer

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Residents and businesses in Geelong’s north will soon benefit from free Wi-Fi and enhanced broadband services, after council awarded a $1.5 million contract to ENE.HUB to deliver the project.

Community members will be able to access internet speeds faster than currently available and download up to 1GB free a day, from Wi-Fi access points across 40 locations.

The City is fully funding the project through a four-year $1.8 million grant from the Victorian Government’s $45 million Connecting Regional Communities Program.

The program aims to address gaps in digital access and affordability in the north, which lead to social and economic disadvantage.

Local businesses will also enjoy economic benefits through reduced service fees for fast internet access.

The local community has played a part in pinpointing specific locations that experienced access issues. Survey responses were received from nearly 600 community members throughout October. 

The City is planning further consultation early next year with local businesses, community and internal stakeholders to finalise proposed infrastructure.

ENE.HUB will start working on the project in early January, with services anticipated to start later in 2020.

The network provider was chosen to install and run the services until January 2024 following an open tender process, based on its previous project experience, expertise and value for money.

Councillor Stephanie Asher - Mayor

Fast and reliable internet is critical for things like running a successful business, studying, applying for jobs and accessing services.

This project is a real win for Geelong’s fast-growing northern suburbs and its benefits will be seen in the community for years to come.

Councillor Anthony Aitken, Chair, Finance portfolio


This is an exciting good news story. Free Wi-Fi and enhanced broadband services will go towards addressing the digital divide in the northern suburbs and unlock more opportunities to residents and businesses.

The importance of providing improved internet can’t be overstated as residents can’t apply for a job or government services without digital access.

I’m proud of this significant commitment from the City and state government to social equity and justice. I’m looking forward to seeing northern suburbs residents take full advantage of this infrastructure.

Page last updated: Thursday, 12 December 2019