New smart infrastructure improves waterfront appeal

Friday, 6 December 2019

Councillor Trent Sullivan and Senator Sarah Henderson have officially switched on Geelong’s first SMART.NODEs.

Geelong is the first city in Victoria to install SMART.NODEs and just the eighth in the country, joining cities such as Sydney and Brisbane to host the technology.

 The eight SMART.NODEs positioned along the Waterfront replace outdated, cluttered and disconnected street poles.

 The technology in Geelong’s SMART.NODEs includes;

  • Smart controlled LED lights, which are energy efficient and cost effective;
  • Free public WiFi – providing free access to the internet;
  • USB charge facility – allowing people to stay connected and contactable;
  • Plug-in power and high-speed internet access - for improved events;
  • Data analytics on use of space - for evidence-based public space planning; and
  • Public address system – to reach people with need-to-know information.

The innovative design of the SMART.NODEs ensure they blend in rather than stand out. The technology is housed within the pole to maintain our attractive public spaces.

This consolidated approach allows for the better management of technology in public spaces, over time.

This is one way we are fulfilling our Clever and Creative Vision to become a leader in developing and adopting technology.

The information SMART.NODEs provide help us to better understand our City. This supports the development of evidence-based decisions and better-informed policies.

This benefits for Greater Geelong are vast and include:

  • maintenance of attractive public spaces – award winning design which houses technology within poles to blend into the environment
  • providing the community with useful, clever and creative technology- free public WiFi and phone charging stations
  • improved sustainability - an LED bulb can cut energy consumption (& cost) by over 80 per cent when compared to conventional lights
  • data driven decision making – allows for service improvements including public space usage and parking patterns and
  • adaptability - the technology is fully customisable and can easily be changed or added to over time, as our City continues to grow and adapt.

The creator of the technology, ENE.HUB, was awarded the Good Design Award in 2017 for outstanding design and functionality in the category of hardware and building.

ENE.HUB are winners of multiple design accolades having also won a Smart City Award for their Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens ‘Connected Gardens’ project.

ENE.HUB is a fully integrated provider of Smart City As A Service who works with Land Authorities to deliver the entire scope of a Smart City.

The project was made possible thanks to the Federal Government Smart Cities and Suburbs Program round one funding of $415,000.

Councillor Stephanie Asher - Mayor

The new SMART.NODEs’ clever design and game-changing technology support Geelong’s global recognition as a UNESCO City of Design.

They are a great example of the City’s commitment to use creativity to build a more sustainable, resilient and inclusive community.

Councillor Trent Sullivan

The City is on its way to becoming a leader in adopting smart technology, thanks to the installation of these new SMART.NODEs.

The new technology provides greater connectivity for the community, whilst also helping to maintain our beautiful Waterfront and keeping energy costs low.

Page last updated: Friday, 6 December 2019