Reserve name honours Fred Cook OAM

Friday, 15 November 2019

Fred Cook Reserve, at 97 Christies Road Leopold, has been named in honour of the late Fred Cook OAM, a dedicated member of the Friends of the Bellarine Rail Trail.

The naming was made official today when Fred’s wife Carolyn and his four children unveiled the signage of the reserve.

The idea to name the reserve after Fred Cook came from members of the Friends of the Bellarine Rail Trail in recognition of Fred’s contribution to the community.

As one of the longest serving and most active members of the ‘Friends’, Fred’s hard work led to the establishment of more than 80,000 plants and the coordination of over 20,000 hours of volunteer work in the area.

Between joining the ‘Friends’ and Fred’s passing in 2017, he was always on the trail, collecting seeds, propagating plants, and organising working bees.

The keen environmentalist was instrumental in the revegetation and improvement of community facilities along the Bellarine Rail Trail Reserve.

The change was put forward to the community in February and March this year, resulting in 25 submissions in favour of naming the reserve.

Cr Trent Sullivan, Bellarine Ward

It was moving to be at Fred Cook Reserve today to see the signage bearing his name unveiled by his wife, Mrs Carolyn Cook, alongside their children Jane, Dean, Rebecca and Kellie, and their grandchildren. The reserve is now a place where Fred’s family, friends and colleagues can come to remember him, and it will serve as a permanent reminder of the incredible work he did on the Bellarine Rail Trail.

A huge thank-you to the Friends of the Bellarine Rail Trail for suggesting this tribute; the council had no hesitation in making it official. It’s an honour that Fred very much deserved. 

Page last updated: Monday, 18 November 2019