Improvement works take centre stage

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

The existing public toilet in Little Malop Central will be removed this week, as part of a range of minor capital works and trial activities to improve the space.

The public toilet will be fenced off and inaccessible from today, with the facility expected to be removed by the end of the week.

The area is being opened up to allow a performance stage to be built in coming weeks.

The stage will host live performances and events, as part of a bid to increase visitor numbers to Little Malop Central.

The project is the first step in a wider activation and works program, which was endorsed by Council last month.

Council committed $315,000 to carry out the works and activities, following a successful notice of motion from Councillor Eddy Kontelj in June 2019.

It will see Little Malop Central redeveloped into three main precincts, focusing on live entertainment and events; socialising and eating; and a children’s play area.

Initiatives include new movable seating and seating around trees; planter boxes; reinstatement of the water feature; play equipment; and 3D art on walls and pavements.

The activation program follows consultation with Victoria Police, community groups, traders and property owners.

The City will continue to liaise with traders, property owners and agencies to co-ordinate a suitable program of events for the performance area.

Christmas-themed activities are already confirmed for the space during November and December, including the display of the popular School Christmas Trees.

Maintenance will be increased to ensure the area remains clean.

The improvements will be independently assessed to determine how welcoming, clean and safe visitors find the area.

The activation program will inform the scope of a longer-term masterplan brief, which will be prepared early next year.

Other public toilets are available at Market Square Shopping Centre, Westfield Geelong, the Civic Centre Car Park, the Geelong Library & Heritage Centre, Transvaal Square, on the corner of Malop and Moorabool streets, Little Ryrie Street and the Waterfront.

Mayor Stephanie Asher

While there is planning underway regarding the mall’s long-term future, the council has taken action to improve the space in the short-term. The removal of the public toilets is a positive step in creating a more appealing environment, with three distinct zones being established to encourage different groups of people to the area.
With further capital works and a large program of activations to be in place before Christmas, we hope to see the mall start to become a more vibrant space that our community enjoys visiting.

Cr Eddy Kontelj, Brownbill Ward

It’s good to see work underway on the first step in a series of short-term initiatives that we trust will reinvigorate the Little Malop Mall for the community. It’s important that we’re taking this action and introducing positive changes before Christmas, so that people can enjoy the space during the festive season.
The plan approved by the council is about improving the space and introducing consistent activations to help the mall become a more appealing place where people feel safe spending time. We want it to be a welcoming place where people of all ages can meet and socialise with friends and family or spend time as individuals. The change starts today!

Page last updated: Wednesday, 16 October 2019