Public complaints

Friday, 11 October 2019

The following comments are attributed to Director Governance, Strategy and Performance Rebecca Leonard:

Is council satisfied with how it is dealing with complaints?

The independent Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey has shown a consistent level of public satisfaction in the City’s Customer Service over the past two years. The City’s 2018 (70) and 2019 (71) service ratings are equal to the statewide average. We are continually searching for ways we can improve our customer service and better respond to complaints and requests for service across our large and growing municipality.

What improvements have been made since the Ombudsman’s 2015 report?

We participated in and welcomed the Ombudsman’s review in 2015. From that, we developed and implemented a complaint management framework, based on the Ombudsman’s recommendations. This has put transparent and clear processes in place, so we can promptly receive and respond to customer feedback. With the assistance of the Ombudsman, we have also undertaken a range of development initiatives to help staff better receive and respond to complaints.

What improvements can still be made?

We regularly analyse complaints to identify trends and areas for improvement. We have recently engaged with customers to understand their experiences with the City, and to gain their insight into how we improve our services. We are also working across the organisation to improve how we respond to complaints. We welcome and value all feedback, including complaints, as it helps us improve our services to the community.

Page last updated: Friday, 11 October 2019