Ocean Grove community to have further say on footpaths

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Council has voted in favour of presenting design, funding and implementation options for a connected network of footpaths in Ocean Grove to the community for further consultation.

Community members will have the opportunity to give their feedback on the Principal Pedestrian Network (PPN) via the Your Say page, at drop-in sessions and focus groups in the coming weeks.

In 2016, consultation was undertaken and identified a 22.3 km network of potential footpaths with an estimated cost of $6.98 million. This option could potentially impact 6,640 properties and take at least five years to deliver.

In February 2019, the Ocean Grove Community Association helped to create a second option by reducing the total footpath length to 11.3 km, which would potentially impact 3,282 properties. This option would cost an estimated $3.3 million and see the project delivered in three years.

The cost of either option is proposed to be shared between council and property owners, through one of four funding methods: traditional frontage charge; both sides of street share charge; tiered charge based on the distance from the proposed PPN; and equal charge.

Following approval from council on the PPN model, property owners would have the option to pay their contribution in full, one year after the footpaths are built or by instalments over a five year period, with interest.

The first round of engagement in 2016 sought the community’s support for the project in general and received 780 responses, with 56 per cent of community members preferring the funding method where everyone contributes.

A fresh round of consultation will provide the community with a more detailed extent of works and costed funding options.

Mayor Bruce Harwood:

The construction of new footpaths will encourage more walking in Ocean Grove but also lead to safer access for all residents and visitors, including the elderly and those with a disability.

The PPN is a significant infrastructure project and we need to hear from residents on how they think council should move forward.

Councillor Stephanie Asher, Bellarine ward:

Many Ocean Grove residents have shown interest over a number of years for a connected network of footpaths.

It’s important we undertake community consultation quickly on the design and different costing options, so we can get this very important project started.  

Page last updated: Wednesday, 9 October 2019