Central Geelong parking survey results collated

Monday, 16 September 2019

Results from the City’s car parking survey have been collated.

The survey results will contribute to the parking strategy for Central Geelong.

Other elements that will  contribute to the parking strategy will include plans for public transport, bus schedule and route revision, CBD truck movements, active transport connections, road upgrades and predicted population growth.

In addition, the current data being collected from the new number plate entry at parking meters will also be used to inform the strategy.

It is imperative that the health and wellbeing of our community and the economic and social impacts of our parking and transport options are all considered to deliver a fair and accessible system for all.

Of the 2,582 respondents to the survey, 66% commute to central Geelong for work, with 80% of those respondents travelling by car.

Almost half of the respondents parked in the CBD all day, with the majority of respondents saying they would be happy with a daily rate of $8.

Those who travelled by car mostly used public parking, with half of respondents parking on-street.

However, respondents generally disagreed with on-street parking being used for commuters, residential and tourism.

Instead, respondents felt that on-street parking is better left available for hospital visits and accessing services.

The lack of a fast, reliable and connected transport was cited as the major barrier to using public transport to travel to Central Geelong.

The following comments can be attributed to City of Greater Geelong Mayor Bruce Harwood:

CBD parking is only one piece of Geelong’s transport picture – we need a safe, reliable and connected transport network that can serve us for the long-term.

Geelong has been designated as a UNESCO City of Design, and we are committed to building a design-driven and creative city centre with great public and active transport options. 

While cheap or free on-street parking in the CBD seems appealing at face value, those parks would soon be fully exhausted by city workers. This would make it impossible for people accessing services, shopping or visiting hospitals to park on-street.

Very low all-day pricing would also undercut the market, making it extremely difficult to attract private parking providers.

We acknowledge that it is important we balance the short-term reality with the long-term vision - we desperately need to provide more viable alternatives to car travel.

We continue to advocate to the State Government to drastically improve our public transport system.

I have no doubt that Geelong can be one of Australia’s most liveable cities if we can work together to create a safe, reliable and sustainable transport system for the people of Geelong.

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