No change to Chiton Way

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Council has rejected a proposal to change the name of Chiton Way in Point Lonsdale to Casablanca Way.

The proposal had been put forward by the street’s developer, citing the potential for the name to cause offence if mispronounced.

The correct pronunciation of ‘chiton’ is ‘ky-ton’.

In voting unanimously to reject the name change during Tuesday night’s meeting, councillors cited the lack of strong support from local residents.

Seven of 11 property owners on the street responded to a survey, with only four in favour of the re-naming and three against.

Chitons are marine molluscs, commonly found along rocky shores. Deputy Mayor Peter Murrihy noted during the meeting that this was in keeping with the names of adjoining streets, Limpet Circuit and Triton Circuit.  

Councillor Bruce Harwood, Mayor:

This is a good result. Common sense has prevailed with this decision.

The name ‘Chiton Way’ was originally selected because it’s relevant to the marine life of the area, making it a good fit for the town.

We believe the community is mature enough to respect the correct pronunciation – ‘ky-ton’ – and keeping the name as it is will save residents the trouble of having to update their address.

Page last updated: Thursday, 29 August 2019