STREETFACE receives ‘Highly Commended’ award

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

The City’s highly-successful ‘STREETFACE – Having A Say’ exhibition was a finalist in the Victorian Disability Awards today and received a ‘Highly Commended’ award in the ‘Excellence in creating inclusive communities’ category.

Four participants, Cr Anthony Aitken and council officers involved in the project attended the ceremony in Melbourne.

‘STREETFACE’ is aimed at expressing young people’s ideas, opinions or aspirations in outdoor public spaces, for viewing and discussion. The project involves 5x5 metre close-up photographs of people under 25 on council-owned buildings around Geelong, along with their stories.

This year’s theme was ‘Having A Say’, featuring nine young people who have a lived experience of disability. These participants are: Aimee Miller, Holly Miller, Joshua Rawkins, Brodie Shaw, Jack Tory, Penelope Manning, Mitchell Bond, Lindy-Joy Crouch and Liam O’Neil. 

The overwhelming popularity of the exhibition during January and February led to council extending it for another month.

‘STREETFACE - Having A Say’ has given the region’s young people with a disability a chance to share their experiences and opinions with a large section of the community, at a time when they are not well-represented in mainstream media. The final displays in numerous locations had an instant and lasting impact.

This year’s project also coincided with the Having A Say Conference in February, which aims to empower people living with a disability to speak up about issues that affect their lives and to celebrate their achievements.

‘STREETFACE’ started in 2010 and is run by the City’s Community Inclusion and Youth Development Units, which are dedicated to getting young people, including those with a disability, involved in community projects.

Councillor Bruce Harwood - Mayor

Well-done to the nine participants who got in front of the camera for this project. Thank-you for your bravery in sharing your experiences and aspirations with the community in such a public way.

I commend the City’s Community Inclusion and Youth Development Units for all their hard work in giving these young people a much-needed voice.

Councillor Anthony Aitken, Chair, Disability Access, Inclusion and Volunteering portfolio

The nomination, shortlisting and popularity of this project is a true example of why it’s so important that we engage with people with a disability, whose experiences, needs and aspirations are often not heard in society.

‘STREETFACE – Having A Say’ was another example of the City’s many projects and commitment aimed at making Greater Geelong an even more inclusive and accessible community to live and thrive in.

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