The Female AFL Project

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

The project will focus on the skills and fitness related to the game as well as developing new friendship and having fun. No matter if you know the game or not, the Female AFL Project is inclusive for all females and all skills, drills and modified games are 'non-contact' to help reduce the likelihood of impact injuries occurring. The sessions will feature step by step skills adaptation, followed by friendly competition based games.

The Geelong area has a huge a huge interest from females who want to play Australian Rules Football yet for one reason or another have not had the opportunity to play or have been wanting a more flexible and friendly induction to the game whereby they can learn the skills before moving into full contact football.

The Female AFL Project will provide an enjoyable environment where participants can improve their skills with their mates whilst their favourite song is on in the background. If you are interested in developing your own skills or want to learn a new sport, then the Female AFL Project is for you! Come along for the full six week program or pay each week for the days you attend.

This program has been broadly aimed at females aged 13-21 years of age, however if you're older than this we'd still love to have you along.

To express your interest in this program, please let us know using this contact form.


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