Lara Traffic Action Plan set for release

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Council has agreed to release a draft Lara Traffic Action Plan for community feedback.        

The 10-year action plan has been developed through ongoing discussion with the Lara community and extensive formal consultation beginning in October last year.

This process has identified 164 individual matters relating to traffic, safety and access in and around the town.

From these, the plan outlines the seven priority areas that have generated the most comment, and provides status updates for each.

These are:

Redirection of quarry trucks away from Lara township
It’s recommended the Department of Transport lead a Lara Truck Route Review. Some improvements in signage and truck route guidance will be implemented in the short term.

Safety of ‘six-ways’ intersection

Regional Roads Victoria (RRV) is redesigning the intersection and has conducted community consultation. Options include a new roundabout and a signalised intersection. In the short-term, RRV will deliver bike lanes in 2019-20 to improve cyclist safety.

Rail line crossing at McClelland Avenue
The Department of Transport have informed residents that construction of an overpass is not likely to happen in the short to medium-term. The state government has ranked this crossing at No.169 in its top 300 crossings for removal.

Review of speed limits on local roads
Specifically McClelland Avenue, Hicks Street, Mill Road, Branch Road and Sandy Creek Road. The City has submitted speed limit reduction applications to RRV and is awaiting outcomes.

Lara Station car parking
The Department of Transport is reviewing parking at all Geelong train stations. This is expected to identify ways to address demands at Lara Station.

Forest Road South/Canterbury Road roundabout safety
The City is planning to review the Canterbury Road West segment and identify ways to reduce vehicle approach speeds. Discussions about the intersection itself are underway with RRV and any improvements will need state funding.

Safety at Station Lake Road crossing on the Hovells Creek shared path
In the short-term, there will be traffic treatments applied to Station Lake Road on approach to the crossing. The feasibility of an underpass is being investigated. A pedestrian crossing with refuge is also an option. These would need to be funded in the 2020-21 council budget.

All 164 matters identified in the draft plan have been marked as short, medium or long-term. A number of short-term issues have already been addressed or will be addressed this year.

The draft plan will be available for comment from Monday 19 August via

In the meantime, it can be read in full within the agenda for the 13 July council meeting

Mayor Bruce Harwood:

This has been a passionate topic in Lara for some time and I’m sure the community will be very keen to have its say on the draft action plan.

The list of matters identified through this process is lengthy and will take some time to work through, with input from Regional Roads Victoria and the Department of Transport.

The council allocated funding in this year’s budget for a number of issues that are within our control, meaning some have already been fixed or will be addressed in the coming months.

Councillor Kylie Grzybek, Windermere Ward:

A lot of work has gone into this plan, including a fantastic amount of community input stretching back as far as two years.

I’m looking forward to hearing from the Lara community about what they think of the draft. There are a number of positives, including several fixes that have been funded in this year’s council budget.

As a 10-year plan, I suspect locals will have some feedback about how the plan addresses the significant growth happening around Lara, which will pose further challenges for traffic and road safety over the coming years.

Page last updated: Thursday, 15 August 2019