Council asks officers to re-scope draft Osborne Park Precinct Master Plan

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Council has voted to delay the release of the draft Osborne Park Precinct Master Plan to the community.

Council has instead requested officers re-scope the draft master plan to reflect the discussion at the meeting and consider a heritage interpretation plan as part of that process.

A report to council on an approach to re-scoping the plan is due by the end of October.

Some councillors have expressed concern that the draft master plan in its current state, does not fully reflect the intent of the motion moved by Councillor Eddy Kontelj on 24 July 2018.

The adopted notice committed to a master plan that determined the community and commercial uses of the precinct, whilst also considering recommendations from the Conservation Management Plan and feedback from key stakeholders and the community.

The 2018 notice of motion also aimed to allow council to explore a range of funding options to restore Osborne House.

The City has so far carried out a comprehensive program of engagement activities on the precinct, including six drop-in sessions, 20 interviews with 40 stakeholder representatives and two online surveys, which received 317 responses.

After council voted against releasing the draft master plan to the public last night, Mayor Bruce Harwood moved an amendment that was seconded by Councillor Sarah Mansfield.

Councillor Bruce Harwood - Mayor

The draft master plan wasn’t accepted by the majority of councillors and they’re seeking more consultation about it.

Officers will come up with an approach to re-scope this draft master plan before the end of October for council to reassess.

Councillor Sarah Mansfield

I support the amendment for officers to report back to council with an approach to re-scope the draft master plan and to consider a heritage interpretation plan.

Osborne House is iconic to Geelong and I hope we can do something meaningful with the precinct, that reflects the site’s history, needs of stakeholders and feedback from the community


Page last updated: Thursday, 15 August 2019